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Viewing ApertureExpert Live Training on your iPad

So you want to watch your Live Training on your iPad? Here’s how!

Syncing to your iPad

This is by far the most common, and the recommended method of viewing your Live Training purchase on your iPad. This also makes it available on your Apple TV!

  1. Download the video from your Downloads page.
  2. Unzip the file (this may happen automatically) and you’ll have a video file.m4v or
  3. Drag this video into iTunes (tip: if you Get Info on the file, and set Open With to iTunes, then click Change All… in the future you’ll only have to double-click the video to install in iTunes).
  4. Once it’s in iTunes, just sync your iPad! If it’s not showing up, check the Movies tab in iTunes, and ensure your settings are including your Live Training videos.

Direct download to your iPad

Sometimes you just can’t wait to get to a computer and sync to iTunes, and want to watch it on your iPad, now! We tried to hack together a streaming service, but without dedicated infrastructure for this, it simply can’t be done while keeping the price of the videos this low. We even tried just playing through Safari, but it proved massively unreliable. The good news though is that is is possible, but with a little effort.

In short, you have to download the .zip file to your iPad using special software which will unzip it for you, such as GoodReader ($4.99). There may be other free solutions; this is the one I know and use myself.

  1. Make your purchase as normal, on either your iPad or computer.
  2. Open GoodReader, tap on Connect, then Browse the Web. Go to and log in.
  3. Tap the Download button, and you’ll see the option to Follow the Link or Download Linked File. Choose download.
  4. Click My Documents to see the progress of your download.
  5. Once the download is complete, tap the downloaded .zip file, and GoodReader will offer to unarchive.
  6. Once it’s unarchived (the video unarchives into a folder), you’ll be able to play the movie in GoodReader. For instructions on how to reorganize your downloads, check the GoodReader help. You can also save it to your Photos app by long-pressing on the video, then selecting Save to Photos, which will save it to your photo album. You should delete it from GoodReader at this point.
  7. You can also delete the .zip file at this point; no reason to keep both on your iPad.

If you do this, I also recommend you download the movie to your computer, and load it into iTunes for archiving, future syncing to your iPad, or viewing on your Apple TV.

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